How Lingon Emulsion works

April 05, 2021 Will Shi

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The key to Lingon Emulsion's success rate is Lingonberry seed extract.

Lingonberries have unrivaled benefits, and while it is only now getting the attention of science's spotlight, it's been used for much longer as an effective natural remedy for a plethora of conditions. Berries as a whole are a remarkable family of fruits; blueberries, cranberries, and raspberries have been used to treat aspects of diabetes, urinary tract infections, and provide eye health benefits respectively.


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The source of all these benefits is polyphenols, these plant chemicals are powerful antioxidants that confer antinflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Scientists are now discovering that Lingonberries contain much higher concentrations of these plant polyphenols compared to its other berry siblings.

Illuminating animal studies have demonstrated the ability of lingonberries to decrease inflammatory molecules, replenish important antioxidants, and block damaging oxidants from wreaking havoc in your body.


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While more popular in Europe and Newfoundland, Native Americans are no stranger to this humble little red berry. They've used lingonberries for years to ease the pain of those suffering from diabetes and cardiovascuar illness. Fortunately, science is starting to catch up, lending valuable credence to what the Native Americans and Europeans have already known. For example, a Canadian Study in 2010 showed that Lingonberries were able to diminish the damaging effects of AGEs (advanced glycation end-products).

If you're interested in reading more scientific details, please click here.

Lingon Emulsion takes advantage of, and amplifies these natural properties by extracting and concentrating the inner contents of the lingonberry seed. This is the main active ingredient of Lingon Emulsion, and it's magical. You can find countless reviews on our site, Amazon, and other places echoing that same key point; it's magic.


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When nothing else works, Lingon Emulsion disperses the clouds of despair. We are inundated with emails from customers that have tried all manner of other creams and strategies including topical steroids and advanced wrapping techniques, and nothing compares for the overwhelming majority of our customers.


We're so confident about this that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee and flexible payments plans so that you can try Lingon Emulsion, pay later, and even get your money back if it's not the right tool for your Eczema arsenal.

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