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"It works!!! My newborn daughter has been suffering with ezema for 4 months. We've tried everything, from lotions, moistures and steroids. Nothing helped her get rid of the eczema completely. Then after using this one, her eczema is completely gone, now she is 11 months old, and the eczema never comes back! This also helped my dad's ezema on his legs/feet too! I would like to recommend it to everyone who is suffering with eczema."

Amazon Customer Nick


"Before I go ahead with reviewing this product, I'd like to note that this review will be the exact same review for the Lingon Emulsion 2 because I used both the 1 and 2 together. Anyway, I feel really compelled to write a review for these 2 products because I want to be able to help those who may be struggling with the same condition as me. Over a year ago, I developed a small rash on my right shin. It itched so bad, especially at night. The rash started out small, but got bigger, and bigger, and bigger. I scratched every night and always woke up with bloody fingernails. The problem got so big that I thought I either had flesh-eating bacteria or fungus growing on me. Nothing worked--not steroid creams or natural remedies. The problem spread to my left shin, but my right was the worse. A few months ago, when I finally got health insurance, I went to see my doctor and she determined that it was eczema. I've always had skin issues but never been diagnosed with eczema before, so it came as a surprise to me. The doctor gave me a steroid cream too, but it still didn't work. Desperate, I went online and searched for something to relief the itch. I finally came across the Lingon products on Amazon. The reviews were excellent, but being a skeptic, I thought they have got to be fake reviews. So for several more weeks, I debated. I told myself that the price for each one was too outrageous. What if it they didn't work? But like I said, I was desperate. I was scratching uncontrollably every night, always waking up to bloody and sore shins. So what's the worse that could happen? That's when I decided to place an order for the Lingon 1 and 2. Almost immediately, I saw relief. Although the instructions say to use the Lingon 1 for 14 days, I saw total relief in itching and scaling in about 5 days. Right now, I no longer need to use the Lingon 1, but am using the Lingon 2 for maintenance. My skin looks a lot smoother now, but there are big scars left from constant tearing down of my skin. I can deal with the scar later. Right now, I feel so grateful that my skin has healed. No more itching or scratching. It just reminds me not to take anything for granted. We have one skin, the biggest organ on our body, and we should always take care of it. And taking care of my skin was exactly what I failed to do. I never moisturized my body, always ignoring dryness. In hindsight, I think this bout of eczema could have been avoided had I just addressed dryness that led to cracking of my skin, with a solid moisturizer. Anyway, I'm so thankful for the Lingon 1 and 2. My skin healed in a matter of days compared to over a year of suffering. I wish I had known about these products sooner. I know the products are pricey but they are well worth it. Now, if you're short on money, I think you may be able to get away with just using the Lingon 1 without the Lingon 2 and then follow with a good moisturizer. However, don't take my word for it. Just use both for best results if you can afford to. I hope this review can someone."

- Amazon Customer Phea


"We gave it a shot as nothing works for my daughter's severe eczema. From Arquaphor to numerous creams to finally steroids. and we really did spend a fortune taking her to see all the specialists and we see no improvement but worsen skin problems.
Recently a friend of mine just recommended this emulsion and I immediately placed an order. I'm so happy that we finally found a cure! My daughter stopped scratching the very night we applied this emulsion on her! We applied it every day before bedtime and it's about a week now, she's a whole different person without having bothered by the itchiness!! Thank you Lingon!"

- Amazon Customer Leo


"It is Godsend! Really, I meant it. It changed our life as a parent of a 5 year old son who had Atopic Dermatitis since he was one. He could not sleep more than 2 hours before waking up with severe itch. His social life was so limited because of constant itching and his rashes and rough skin on neck, face, elbows, knees, lower legs. Just in 3/4 days we started seeing dramatic improvements, and in 7 days his skin is normal, like it used to be when he born.
His eczema used to get worse in Summer, so waiting for summer now to make sure it does not reappear. But it has been 4 months since no reappearing of any sign of eczema. Will update the review after summer.

UPDATE!! The summer came and now Fall is almost here. The was NO occurrence of eczema. What a relief!! First time son enjoyed the summer with other kids. We went to camping for a week, beach and went to India in May. He enjoyed every bit. slept whole night. Thanks for this product."

- Amazon Customer Pra


"About a year ago, my three year old son then had an outbreak of severe eczema and we took him to see various specialists and tried on different lotions that were referred to us and nothing seemed to work. Finally, a friend told us about this product and gave me a bottle to try it out and to my amazement my son’s condition went from worst he’s ever been to about 75-80% better in about 2 weeks. If you have kids with skin condition and you are willing to buy/try anything to help them, you definitely should try this product. Just remember, it stings like hell if you try to apply directly on the open wounds. You should apply 3-5 drops with any type of lotion and that’s plenty to make a difference."

- Amazon Customer FH


"This cream works wonders for my son who has had eczema(atopic dermatitis) since he was 3 months old. I have spent a fortune in buying all kinds of creams. One cream has worked for him for 6 months. After it stopped working, I searched like crazy for something that might work for him. I found this product and it works so well for him: no more scratching and bleeding. He becomes a happy child again. The only thing is that I have to continue using this cream. If I stop, the rashes come back. However, it has become so much better than before."

- Amazon Customer Xin. B


"My 5 months old has eczema on his face and body and it starts oozing and he is always scratching. I saw people recommend it and think I will give it a try, after trying several different cream with some improvement. This really works! In just two days his face is clearing up, and not flare up anymore. Now it's been a week and his face is back to clean and smooth and he can sleep much better now. Thanks for making it!"

- Amazon Customer Z. Chen


"First, this review is for the combination of Lingon Emulsion 1 + Lingon Emulsion 2. It is recommended that you use both together, and I haven't tried using one and not the other.
Secondly, it should go without saying (but I'm going to say it anyway), that your results may vary. Obviously some of the reviewers have not experienced the same results, so it doesn't work for everyone.
I have a condition that a dermatologist diagnosed as Psoriasis. Red, flaky skin, sometimes very itchy, and the skin would break and bleed with almost no provocation (for example, just bending a finger might be enough to cause the skin to crack and bleed).
Although I've seen much worse cases, the itching could be bad enough to keep me awake at night, or to make it difficult to focus at work.
I tried many prescription medications (mostly steroid based), and probably dozens of different creams, ointments, and over the counter medications. I've also tried various supplements, and eliminated foods to see if that would help.
Although some of those things helped, they would at best cause minor improvement. The only thing that showed a more significant impact was oral prednisone, which has significant side effects, so I didn't want to use it for an extended period.
Enter Lingon Emulsion (recommended by a friend who said it had been effective on their child's eczema). Within a few days there was noticeable improvement. Within a week, the condition was better than it had been in the last year. After a month, it is still remarkable to me just how much the condition is improved.
It hasn't 'cured' me, I do need to keep using it twice a day to keep the condition stable, and I still have a bit of remaining redness & itchiness on occasion, but most of the time the skin looks almost normal, and the itchiness is gone.
It is somewhat expensive, but you don't need much (unless perhaps you need to treat a very large area), I expect the bottles may last me for two months, which makes it well worth the cost for me."

- Amazon Customer Shane L Groff


"I have never written any review before. But i have to say something about this magic lotion. Yes, it is magic lotion. It clears my husband's eczema that has bothered him for five years within two weeks. It has been another three years and he is doing fine. Before that, i tried all kinds of creams on market and none of them worked. But just a few drops of this lotion saved our life. Seriously, we could hardly believe it. But it happened."

- Amazon Customer Wei


"I've battled dry skin on my elbows, knees, heels, etc for as long as I can remember and nothing worked except for expensive prescription ointments. I was recommended the lingon emulsion which my nephew uses and calls it "magic". He's no kidding, it really is magic! After about a week of using it, I can already see a noticeable difference in my skin. After 2-3 weeks of uses, my joints are smooth and no longer red! Thank you lingon emulsion!"

- Amazon Customer Bcheng


"If you have any kind of skin inflammation disease, don't go the steroid treatment route. Try this first. This works even better than steroid. It will sting if the inflammation is bad or if there's an opening in the skin. But it just works wonders. We tried pretty much everything out there for our daughter's eczema, and nothing worked like this did."

- Amazon Customer Ken


"My son had sever rashes. Started on the cheeks, then scabbed, then started to spread to the scalp, arms and legs. The pediatrician could only recommend steroids and antibiotic creams - nothings really worked and we were worried about the steroid side effects. We also tried Excema Therapy Aveeno and Aquaphor but those didn't work either. This thing worked like magic - you could see results after the first night and all the rashes are gone just after a few days. Baby sleeps much better and itches much less. I'll update the review if the rashes come back again but so far the price was worth it. Have not tried the Lingon Emulsion #2 though.

It works so well, I'm surprised doctors in the US are not recommending it. Hopefully there are no side effects. And I certainly wish there were peer reviewed studies referenced on their website to back up their claims. For now, it's just blind faith. BUT if someone did find out the true mechanism and was able to make this medicine for much cheaper ~ that would be very lucrative!"

- Amazon Customer WhiteCraine